Our Properties

The Chicopee Housing Authority has been serving the needs of the citizens of Chicopee through the provision of low rent housing since 1938. To fulfill our mission to provide housing the Chicopee Housing Authority currently maintains a portfolio of thirteen affordable housing developments and also provides rental assistance to 500 individuals and families residing in private housing through the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Leo P. Senecal Apts.

The Leo P. Senecal Apartments is a state-aided housing Chapter 200 family housing complex in the Willimansett section of the City of Chicopee located between Chicopee and Meadow Streets. Chapter 200 refers to a Massachusetts statute establishing housing for veterans. Veterans, or their dependents are given preference in selection for units in this development.

Constructed in 1949-51 at a cost of $9,963.71 per unit, the Leo P. Senecal Apartments consists of 226 apartments, 126 two bedroom units and 100 three bedroom units. Apartments are centrally heated and all utilities are included in the rent. Rent is based on family income and is equal to 30% of the gross family income.

Leo P. Senecal was a Chicopee native, born in 1883. Mr. Senecal served as a doughboy in the First World War and went on to serve the City of Chicopee as Mayor (1939-1943), State Representative and Housing Commissioner.

Gov. George D. Robinson Apts.

The Governor George D. Robinson Apartments encompasses five developments located on contiguous sites located off of Meetinghouse Road in the Willimansett section of the City of Chicopee. These apartments on Robinson Drive, Grocki Drive, Peloquin Drive and Volpe Drive are named in honor of George Dexter Robinson, an early Mayor of our city and Governor of the Commonwealth. There are 222 one bedroom units located at this site which is funded by the State. 142 of the units are funded under Chapter 667, a Massachusetts statute providing for housing for the elderly and handicapped.

The 80 one bedroom units on located on Volpe Drive have been converted to Chapter 705 under which the CHA provides housing to low-income persons who are not eligible as elders. This portion of the development was constructed in 1969 at a cost of $12,125.00 per unit.

The 36 apartments on Robinson Drive are CHA project 667-1. Constructed in 1956 at a cost of $9,947.37 per unit under Chapter 667 this is the first housing development for the elderly in the City of Chicopee. Occupancy of the apartments in January 1957 made this the first Chapter 667 development completed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Edward J. Bury Apts.

The Edward J. Bury Apartments, located in Chicopee Falls on Benoit Circle off of East Main Street, is a state-aided Chapter 667 housing development for the elderly and handicapped with 68 one bedroom apartments. Constructed in 1963 the development cost was $13,235.29 per unit. The two story brick structures bordering the Chicopee River have shared porches and a laundry onsite.

This development is named in honor of Edward John Bury, a World War II hero and native of Chicopee.

Cpl. Edmond Kida Apts.

The Corporal Edmund W. Kida Apartments, located on Front Street across from the Basilica of Saint Stanislaus is a state-aided development consisting of 92 one bedroom units. The complex is located on a main road and enjoys local services such as banking facilities and grocery stores. A community building for resident activities and a laundry facility share a central building in the complex.

Corporal Edmund W. Kida, a resident of Chicopee was killed in action on January 5, 1945 while serving with the U. S. Army field Artillery.

This Chapter 667 development for the elderly and handicapped was constructed in 1967 at a cost of $12,228.26 per unit.

Fairhaven Apts.

The Fairhaven Apartments are located at 400 Britton Street in the Fairview section of the City. This five story Chapter 667 development for the elderly and handicapped has 96 one bedroom units. Construction was completed in 1969 at a cost of $12,125.00 per unit. Each apartment has access to balconies and residents also enjoy a large community room and laundry facilities onsite. The Chicopee Public Library has established a branch site within the building.

This development was dedicated as the Fairhaven Apartments in honor of the Fairview section of the City in which they are located.

Valley View Apts.

The Valley View Apartments, are located off of Arcade Street in the Aldenville section of our City. This is a state-aided Chapter 667 development of 40 one bedroom units purchased in 1973 at the cost of $29,500.00 per unit. A community building for resident activities and a laundry facility share a central building in the complex. The Valley View Apartments take their name from the street on which they are located, Valley View Court.

Birch Bark Place Apts.

The Birch Bark Place Apartments are located at 630 Chicopee Street in the Willimansett section of our City. This Chapter 667 building for the elderly and handicapped has 72 one bedroom units of which several have been specially adapted for accessibility. All units enjoy private balconies. The building has a central laundry room and a community room for resident activities. This development provides supportive housing services through West Mass Elder Care with an onsite office. This development is Project 667-8 of the Chicopee Housing Authority. Through its completion Chicopee had the distinction of being the first Massachusetts housing authority to complete eight Chapter 667 developments. This development was completed at the cost of $32,594.70 per unit.

The name, Birch Bark Place is an English translation of the Indian name "Chicopee." An original oil painting, completed by a local art student, depicting Indian life on the banks of the Chicopee River, is located in the main lobby of the building.

Cabot Manor Apts.

The Cabot Manor Apartments is a federally assisted complex located off of Hampden Street in Chicopee Center. The 150 units in the complex range in size from one, to four bedrooms. This developments benefits from large areas of green space and has two community buildings serving resident needs. Constructed between 1959 and 1961 at the cost of $14,434.00 per unit this development was part of an urban renewal effort and it replaced an older CHA wartime development, Curtis Terrace.

The development is named after the early industrial investors from Boston that furthered the growth of the city in the early part of the nineteenth century. The streets within the development are named after a former Mayor of Chicopee, Anthony J. Stonina (Stonina Drive) and a former Housing Director Alfred Plante (Plante Circle). Mayor Stonina is most noted for his contribution in securing the governments commitment to build an airbase in Chicopee (Westover Field).

Valley Opportunity Council operates a daycare facility onsite and also provides CHA funded programs such as the Afterschool Program and the Work Experience Program for residents.

Memorial Apts.

The Memorial Apartments, located on Memorial Drive (Route 33) have 157 apartments in the six building complex. 64 efficiency apartments occupy the front two buildings while 16 two bedroom and 77 one bedroom units occupy four buildings facing Debra Drive. Each building has a laundry room and there is a community facility on site. The Memorial Apartments were purchased as an occupied apartment complex in 1967 at a cost of $9,346.00 per unit. This development is dedicated in honor of all U.S. service men who have given their lives for our country.

Canterbury Arms Apts.

The Canterbury Arms Apartments are located a 165 East Main Street in Chicopee Falls on the Chicopee River overlooking the falls. This five story building has 76 one bedroom apartments. Constructed in 1976 at a cost of $33,359.00 per unit. Two elevators serve the building that is also equipped with a community room for resident activities, a laundry facility and an exterior courtyard. The building was constructed as a part of the Chicopee Falls urban renewal project and it is named after the street that formerly occupied the site, Canterbury Place.