Chicopee City Hall:
A very informational site about the City of Chicopee. Contactinformation for all of the cities elected officials and itsdepartments can be found here. The Parks and Recreation sectionhas photos and descriptions of all the cities parks.

Chicopee Council on Aging:
This site providesesential information on the programs, activities and supportgroups provided through the Senior Center for elders livingin our community.

Chicopee Chamber of Commerce:
Another site with links and information about Chicopee andits businesses.

HUD's Homes and Communities Page is a clearinghouse of information andservices about homes and communities for citizens and for HUD's currentand potential business partners. It's designed to empower citizens andbusiness partners by giving them what they want, when they want it, inways that make sense to them, so they can solve their own problems andachieve their objectives."

Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development. Housing Applications available here.

Valley Opportunity Council:

The Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Housing andRedevelopment Officials, MassNAHRO, is a membership association of localpublic housing authorities, community development agencies and housingand redevelopment officials. Section 8 applications available here.