Our Programs

The mission of the Chicopee Housing Authority is to provide decent, safe, sanitary housing to persons and families of low income in the City of Chicopee in accordance with state and federal law. This is accomplished through a mix of state and federally-aided housing programs. Through the administration of these programs the CHA is maintaining its commitment to take a central role in the provision of affordable housing in our City and to make a contribution in encouraging the maintenance of our housing stock in accordance with HUD’s Housing Quality Standards and the Article II of the Massachusetts State Sanitary Code.

Public Housing

Federal Public Housing

The CHA operates 383 units of conventional federal housing at three sites in Chicopee: the Cabot Manor Apartments located on Stonina Drive and Plante Circle, the Memorial Apartments located on Memorial Drive and Debra Drive and the Canterbury Arms Apartments located at 165 East Main Street. Primary eligibility is based on household income.

State-aided Public Housing

The CHA operates state-aided public housing programs under Chapter 200 (Veteran’s Housing), Chapter 667 (Elder Housing) and Chapter 705 (low income housing) of the Massachusetts General Laws. Nine developments totaling 816 units are currently owned and managed in Chicopee. Primary eligibility is based on household income. Eligibility for the various programs is also based on factors such as veteran status, age and disability.

Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8)

The CHA assists renters in the private market with the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Eligibility is based on income. The CHA will pay a portion of the Voucher Holder’s rent directly to their landlord. Applications are available from the CHA or from the MASSNAHRO web site. The CHA participates in the state wide waiting list system with other MASSNAHRO Members through GoSection8. Applications may be obtained from, and filed with any participating agency or online.

Housing Maintenance

Chicopee Housing Authority developments are maintained by an in-house maintenance department that includes a licensed plumber and a licensed electrician. Our staff of professional maintenance employees is fully equipped and capable of addressing the daily needs of all housing units. Maintenance requests and inquiries may be directed to the Maintenance Department at (413) 592-6132 x110.

Housing Modernization / Housing Inspection

The CHA operates a federal Capital Fund Program focusing on improvements to the federally-aided public housing developments. Through this program millions of dollars have been allocated for improvements ranging from door and window replacement to kitchen and bathroom modernization. The CHA annual plan will describe those improvements currently planned.

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities funds specific improvements for state-aided CHA developments. Inquiries regarding housing improvements may be directed to the Modernization office at (413) 594-3605.

This office is also charged with the responsibility for conducting annual inspections of all CHA owned units and Housing Choice Voucher Quality Control Inspections. Questions regarding inspections may be addressed at (413) 594-3605.